How do I rate a restaurant?


Qualcosa mangiare?


(My Yelp!)

How do I rate a restaurant? How did I rate YOUR restaurant? Let me define this in a few  simple words to follow.

  • Did I get full for the money spent?

For example: charging more money for something that tastes like cardboard like in the Castro.

  • Did I get treated with respect?

For example: getting pointed to the mens room when asking for the bathroom. Basic kindness is also something that in a service based industry is expected. I am an Amazonian woman (5’7″)  but to sir me in a short dress with my breasts bared is really bad form on their behalf.

  • How does it compare to “peer” restaurants?

A pizza-by-the-slice would be compared to a pizza-by-the-slice place and not a $30 a plate candlelit meal. People will say you cannot give the best pizza of your life 5 stars. I say we are comparing oranges to oranges, that I can give ratings to the best in their field/division!

  • Was it exciting to my palate?

I work very hard for my money. Mom & dad haven’t supported me in at least 2 decades. I prefer to spend it where I am happy, welcome, and satisfied. Is it better than something I could have made myself?

I have experience in the food service industry and so I tend to judge based on that knowledge base as well. Some basic forms to service and preparation are just that: basic.

I  usually will not write something in a review that isn’t something I wouldn’t say in person. There has been some bad service where there were no resolve. 90% of the time I have had communication with the manager/owner. My low review yelps really are to prevent a person similar to me making a similar mistake. (They don’t like blondes? They don’t like people with tattoos/piercings? The bartender who was not busy ignored an extended $20. Wasn’t my crowd.)

If you want to take the word of a Yelper, be sure to check some of their other reviews. If they only ever Yelp to complain or have a vocabulary of one syllable words…you are on your own.