Benvenuto! Welcome! Velkommen!

I am a 42 year-old (in this lifetime) silver mohawked, Amazon guitarist post-apocalyptic transsexual lesbian woman. Never am I ever a “transsexual guitarist” because there is no such thing as a “transsexual guitar”, unless its post-CBS Fender made overseas.

I laugh at my age because when you compare it to my spiritual age of 423 years old…Oh well.

Needless to say 

I am American by birth and English is my primary language. I am learning Danske, Deutsche, and Français. I speak Italian pretty good and Spanish fairly good.

(guitar blogging)

I was learning the cello after choosing to go non-electric. I had always loved the cello and always will. However, the cello did not have the range of voice I seek. Perhaps there is a viola in my future? No. I am a guitarist.

I am a staunch feminist, feminazi, advocate, strega (wicce, witch), volpe, etc. because it is now 2013, gender shouldn’t be a barrier to anything anymore, right? Wrong.
I am  a veteran of the military (with 2 pairs of wings thank you) and am a follower of polytheism/Asatru.

Io sono strega.

I was featured in the Associated Press in November 26-29, 2010 around the globe but its just from my quotes and passion for life.

I have never received any education specifically in literature. I will be the first to call my compositions “ramblings of a hack.”

Wait? I had Comp 1 & 2, Creative Writing 1, and Business English 114 at some point. So I have just enough skills to be demi-effective…

My voice and my style are generally dialog with myself, as with someone else. My rant has been tempered to still contain passion without alienating the reader. The reader (primarily invisible) rarely comments and so I question my own existance daily


Tak og farvel!



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