Year of the trans and I’ve been absent

Welcome to 2016 where…
….my favorite musicians are dead.
….North Carolina actually sunk lower than when I had left in 2010.
…..the atmosphere for being trans is turbulent….turbulent with oppression, murders, political overtones, movie stars and celebrities coming out…..

I’ve been absent from writing because much like painting, I am fair at best at it; I get involved focusing on other things. Some people live to write.

I’m happier living in a state with inclusive laws than fighting for rights in a state with few allies to help my unemployment/underemployment. I make enough money to pay rent, eat, and occasionally take a date out or buy guitar equipment.

I repost articles on Facebook about how backwards the laws are from the Southern United States and how their LGBTQ policies are below basic human rights, and look forward to another year or 10 living in California. At least those sub-par states are not collecting any tax revenue from me.