Dyke Military Veteran Want to Rent From You San Francisco

I am a veteran of the military who’s had a full-time job for the last 3.5 years.
At $30,000 annual income, I cannot afford most of what is listed on here. I also do not qualify for most social programs because I make too much money. I have to work. My credit isn’t glorious. 

Also, I can control myself to stop at 2 glasses of wine. I realize that some people can’t.
I do not qualify for veterans and social programs because I work-I cannot lie to attend mandatory meetings. I am a competent human being.
Am I supposed to live in the TL full of bedbugs? No.

LGBT Queer friendly (important), Gets paid rent promptly, Responds with area your room is located. Please don’t send offers over $1000 per month, its far above my income.

I am not a student, but am fine living around students (Park Merced, SF State, etc.)
I’m not a jerk, nor a criminal. 
It doesn’t bother me if you: drink, 420, have a dog or cat, or drink under age.

Please contact me if you have something. 
Can’t a Dyke get a break?


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