Ringing Like a Bell

Collision? Ding!
Well the laws of physics tell us that matter in a solid state still is in movement at the atomic level.
Sound? Ding!
Well the laws of physics tell us that it is a “vibration that propagates as a mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through some medium (such as air or water). Sometimes sound refers to only those vibrations with frequencies that are within the range of hearing for humans” – from Wikipedia

I am a musician. My fingers move upon the frets creating sound that builds and is raised through the amplifier. Perhaps something that is struck will make a sound, say a person?

Throughout our lives we bounce like a particle of matter, colliding with different people we meet, HELLO?!?
but this time it had went ….DING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (to infinity)
The sound resonates like a pebble into the pond-or bell. The waves roll out and across the medium long after the strike. I know that is kinda Zen-ish.

I stumbled recently-thinking I broke something or shattered something in my life.
That bell thing I thought was just silly me. But when I reached out and thanked the many friendships, the other bell rang back-and apparently had since the moment it chimed in me.

So it seems I cannot clearly explain it, nor could my friend. But it happened so I’m not completely nuts.
No sports fans, I’m not in love nor running off somewhere in THAT sense,
but its some reassurance the resonant waves of the universe are universal in at least this one occasion.

And that is like billions upon billions more occasions than I would had thought existed only the day before.




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