Sotto Voce-Better Than Security Blanket

Just recently I went to friend’s a baby shower. I had so much fun. My friend’s husband, family, and other friends were really cool to me.

I used a bit of forward ice breaking self-depreciating humor a bit to joke that warmly introduces the fact I haven’t always been me as I currently am. I’m no leggy waif with a body that can stop a truck, because I chose not to. It seems like jokingly addressing the possible 800lb. gorilla in the room is the best way to put people at ease and not get ruffled feathers. I am ok with “looking queer” as I was the one who picked all my beautiful tattoos and recently sheared off one side of my head.

In a previous life I was a parent with the white picket fence, etc.”

But something else happened. I didn’t realize it until I took a shower this evening with my face buried into the warm shower water and my eyes closed…a eureka moment of sorts about the baby shower the day before…. I didn’t squeak, or have my voice pitched higher until I felt comfortable. I felt exactly ZERO need to have my security blanket. I’m a queer girl in a world who doesn’t always treat kindly but I had no guard up. My matter-of-fact tone I jokingly call my Sotto Voce only came across as Dolce (sweet) in conversation.


(Above) Its just a snapshot but it covered the feel for the day. I didn’t feel like a stranger to anyone, and was made to feel like family at times.

I decided to blog this because as a trans/queer/pick a label-person, growth of this nature is really good and sometimes doesn’t happen the way we would like it to.

Its a great joy that my pal is my friend.
She’ll be an awesome mom and she has a great husband in her journey too!
They have a way to make things feel safe-no shields up captain!



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