Live to Ride-Ride to Live

“Bicycle, bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!”

Not without a lock!!

I recently was given a bicycle by one of my friends. Free-of-charge being its condition. Its condition was that it was involved in an accident where the front gear crank (power gear) was bent. They insisted that a professional would need a few hundred to fix this 6 month old bike, it took an hour of banging with a hammer, twisting with some channel lock pliers.
Maybe less than an hour….

and then I could move faster and further than my feet normally allow…just a determined girl swinging a heavy object and things change…

I met my friend for a short ride to a restaurant. The sushi was good, the ride better. When we left we rode together after purchasing batteries for the lights on mine. Mad dash to be first and just being excited and joyed to be doing a new thing together.


This makes for a unique situation. Fun.
The biggest investment will be about $90 for a lock because people steal bicycles like mad around here. Friday when I left the city, there were some homeless men with a shopping cart loaded with bike parts, which I suspect were taken without permission. Stolen….

Not mine!

So for now we are coordinating trips together.

If it can’t be fixed with a hammer, then it can’t be fixed!!

So far, so good.



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