My Year Has Come Full Circle

Its October 31! My new year will start soon. In case I hadn’t mentioned it before, I am a witch. I don’t ride my broom. Samhain does not interfere with my day of birth which is yet another reason why this new year festival makes perfect sense.

My year in review? Its sort of like that.

Health. I had a few benign extractions without a hitch. My health and culture took a major blow from an allergy to Gluten-no more typical bread, beer, pasta, or pizza. Its hard to get a higher protein carbohydrate in my diet now. Gluten-free flour really sucks to use as it has no glue-like properties to stick things together. No stretching of rising dough neither!

Death. I lost a really awesome friend less than a week prior to this post, whom I am still mourning. She and I were making weekend lunch plans up until her untimely death. I can only assume it was health related as her photos show an increase of weight in a short time. She had just married her fiance 2 weeks prior to her death. Maybe she knew. I’ll always love my friend Claire.

Music. My muse and artist are in one body and mind. My hands erupt with obsession on the fretboard of my guitar. My love for musical expression has returned, like never before. I felt that my “musical heart” was broken while my first guitar was missing-in-action. It wasn’t until I was told (put into storage with a friend for 3 years) that it was actually gone 3 year ago.

Solitary-a witch without a coven. I guess I am a bit of a “bad witch”-bad being lazy. I really observe the big Sabbats but tend to be lacking with ritual between those times. I’d like to be doing more, but there seems to be some spiritual blockage or something.

Family. It was officially 5 years since last I spoke to the bad blood family and the good blood family. The good blood family has stayed relatively supportive and I have good communications with them. No apologizes coming from the bad blood anytime soon.My extended family of friends do get less time from me due to my domestic nature. Sorry folks, its not personal.

Enjoy this Samhain, or Halloween safely!



Technology and Grief

I found out today via Facebook fundraiser that a friend died. (The money goal was passed in a few hours)

What we have left besides the traditional photos are texts, emails, instant messages. Thanks technology. I feel completely useless and struck sideways by a moving bus right now. Because of technology, I’d have to actually print photos to physically have them.

“Let‘s lunch at this cool vegan place next weekend? I can’t wait to meet your partner, she sounds really cool!”

People always want to remember the last conversation they had with a loved one prior to their untimely departure. These “notes” are physical/electronic records of those actual last words.

My friend was the one who showed up “on moving day” which can be the litmus test of who your “real” friends. She and I would randomly joke through texting or instant messages about how crappy rude people are for no reason.

She had just got married 2 weeks ago. Thanks to text messages trying to get together to eat lunch on a weekend, I’ll have those as long as my phone works.

When I dropped my phone in the glass of water on my night stand, she had emailed me about loaning me the money to get another.

She died Thursday the 24th of October, my phone has the last text from 14th of October. No indication of sick or dying. Maybe its in a letter that will show up one day. Maybe not.

When people weren’t so crowded and over-populated on this planet, there were memorials and tombstones left for others to see.
Now we have the last minute conversations-but only while power runs through those circuits.

Our lives now are just some webpage or profile that remains up until the server loses power or is electronically erased from in activity.

Fuck technology.


Live to Ride-Ride to Live

“Bicycle, bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!”

Not without a lock!!

I recently was given a bicycle by one of my friends. Free-of-charge being its condition. Its condition was that it was involved in an accident where the front gear crank (power gear) was bent. They insisted that a professional would need a few hundred to fix this 6 month old bike, it took an hour of banging with a hammer, twisting with some channel lock pliers.
Maybe less than an hour….

and then I could move faster and further than my feet normally allow…just a determined girl swinging a heavy object and things change…

I met my friend for a short ride to a restaurant. The sushi was good, the ride better. When we left we rode together after purchasing batteries for the lights on mine. Mad dash to be first and just being excited and joyed to be doing a new thing together.


This makes for a unique situation. Fun.
The biggest investment will be about $90 for a lock because people steal bicycles like mad around here. Friday when I left the city, there were some homeless men with a shopping cart loaded with bike parts, which I suspect were taken without permission. Stolen….

Not mine!

So for now we are coordinating trips together.

If it can’t be fixed with a hammer, then it can’t be fixed!!

So far, so good.


Please Stay Friends?

So the road to hell is paved with good intentions. At least that’s what I heard.

My own fear of loss and insecurities under pressure have forced the situation of playing house to crumble. I am optimistic about leaving on aimicable terms from the start of a life that intertwined for a very short while.
I am really trying to be civil, as I don’t have any standing or rights in anything, to remain on friendly terms. My passions are my undoing, at times that they best kept under wraps.

That is all.