Breaking Bad-Habits

Old habits are hard to break, so the saying goes.

So where does one start? At their past-the root of the problems; or at the present-where they cause the deepest impact?
My past-well, its pretty much hermetically sealed for outsiders. It’s not malleable where we can take it and bend it to what we wish it looked like.
Not likely that would ever happen.

The present is the part of the spectrum that we happen to be present-in the now. This is the part which you are reading this sentence and can choose to leave at this period.

But if you continue to read this blog, like most people do, you tell yourself that you can shape it as it happens-or make decisions based on when you receive new data/input from your world. “I am in control of my destiny.”
Something like that.

Yes we have personal responsibility, but anyone can be pragmatic. Sometimes its a simple decision to put down the sword and pick up a pen-diplomacy and an open ear opens more barriers and opportunities for growth than anything in your past can be custom made to work. The past is not some part that does not fit and can be tooled/worked/ground to the shape that it becomes most useful in your present.

So I mentioned Breaking Bad at some point, well?
I think that Walt’s demise and resolution to the story will be that he simply has become what choice and road he never took, or ever spoke up about his own thoughts and thus in his death will become whole upon his terms.




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