Gluten-free pain in the-you know what

As you may or may not know, I am noticeably allergic to gluten. Unfortunately, it took a couple of hours of sick time for me to discover this. Gluten is that oooie-gooey protein found primarily in wheat, and also in barley and rye. From the Latin word for glue.

I stopped eating gluten at recommendation of my partner. After some time free of gluten, I inadvertently added some back (I ate the wrong pizza). I learned that in small amounts, there’s hardly any effect. More then I have all the wrath of pain that my former gluten-inclusive diet.

People often say: “Oh you will be so healthy from stopping gluten consumption.”
“Yeah? Lies. The food cost twice as much so you only get to eat half the food you used to.” Its not like I am a flat-ironed bleach-blond from Los Angeles who is following some new “fad diet” with my tiny dog in purse.

One of the redeeming factors for this forced-medical-change has been “gluten-free” products on the market. Common sense says that if you avoid Bread-Beer-Pasta (PIZZA) then you are pretty safe. My inner Italian is filled with rage and tears over this. My bella di cucina has no outlet for the wonderful breads I used to make. My California transplant to only become snobby IPA connoisseur…well you get the point.

So these gluten-free products and substitutions had included Omission Beer and Vans Natural Foods. That is until I experienced excruciating pain from consuming more than one beer and more than one waffle. Omission’s web site does say: “Omission beer may contain gluten”. As far as the waffles, this morning’s trip to Whole Foods showed 2 different packages. One read: “Wheat Gluten Free,” while the other read: “Gluten Free.”  These were side by side and may have been the mixing of new and old stock.

I experienced the exact same pain as eating “known” gluten products. Scratch 2 more solutions off of my menu options.

I was a good girl and went to the doctor many months ago. She had them draw blood and sample everything else to determine what I do not have: Coeliac Disease.

Symptoms: abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting. I am sure the official list is much longer but I will stick with the basic unpleasant ones.

I have received no pain from known-gluten-free products like meat, fish, fruit, nuts, dairy products.  

If you continue to suffer from “gluten free” labeled products, please comment.




Eris: Goddess (Guitar) of Chaos Has Arrived!

Finally, my wait is over!
My LTD GL-200 Kamikaze has arrived!

Due to the problems of extended “in-stock by” dates whizzing by since July 3rd, I was offered a free padded carrying case and cleaning kit for this situation. Then, when I was shipped a fleece lined drum case accidentally, I was given a gift card by Guitar Center. Luckily, my was quickly processed by the Emeryville Guitar Center staff as to have one arrive!!!

No matter how late or enthusiastic you are about finally receiving something, always open the box at the store!!!


Its a copy of ESP’s Kamikaze produced for George Lynch. Humbucker and single coil with no tone controls and a push-pull volume knob to switch between the coils.

Difference between ESP and LTDs? A couple thousand dollars. Decide for yourself and watch here.

The reverse headstock gives a similar tonal quality to Jimi Hendrix‘s flipped Fender Strat. (Its also how my cello was strung once I replaced its pegs, as I had seen others strung like that.)

Jimi Hendrix (like me) was also a soldier at Fort Campbell, Kentucky in the 101st Airborne Division…and like me, didn’t overstay!

Oh, how rude of me. I totally forgot to mention the Goddess of Chaos: Eris. She is known as the Greek goddess of strife and discord. (Latin is translated to Discorda) 
After my first guitar being Lucifer (Lucy for short) bringer of light as she was white; then replaced by the same model Ibanez RG350DX named Isis (Ice Ice baby), for the serpent goddess of the Mediterranean . My cello was named Lucien after Lucien Bonaparte, and not after the lycan character Lucien, from my favorite movie Underworld

The Dokken video for In My Dreams is a good place to see George (Lynch) playing the original ESP Kamikaze.

I picked it up tonight, though I wrote a lot of this blog the week prior. I sat on the floor after I gave it a “once over” before firing up the amp. Action in the Floyd Rose is a bit stiff, but should loosen up nicely. The strings are bright but new and need some breaking-in. The radius is nice and I think flatter than my RG350DX’s, The push-pull volume pick-up switch is different but changes the tone very nice to slip into a few Hendrix type licks or two during my familiarization. The fretboard is rosewood and seems to be laminated/sealed-very flat.
I don’t do a lot of chords across 6 strings, the levelness of the neck seems to leave plenty of room to bend the strings a bit. One feature I didn’t notice until inspecting it was the recessed 1/4″ phono cable jack. I got a 90 degree plug thinking it was at the edge, but the recessed plug means you can use regular guitar jacks with it.

What kind of picks to I like? The Steve Clayton Acetal Polymer Pick: Small Teardrop – Size: .63mm. They are small for my fingers to still grip the string but ride my thumb to get nice pinch harmonics. I used them with my previous guitars and loved them.

Its nice to have an ax again.



Kip Winger: The Reason Why Joined A High School Band

We eluded to my emerging and passionate guitar influences being Mister Scary himself: George Lynch.

I’d like to say proudly that I first took up an axe (bass guitar in this instance), after seeing the Cinderella-Bullet Boys-Winger concert in 1989. Because the band was looking for a bass player and I wasn’t thinking much on it…until the idea ignited that mid-spring night when I saw Kip (Winger) playing. I saw a lot of joy and energy in him and the crowd. Surely there is something to playing bass guitar? Why not!!
(Besides, I saw Cinderella 3 times!! Mad crush on their bass player Eric Brittingham for a while.)

It (inspiration) wasn’t about technique or tone. It was about entertainment and showmanship: connect with the audience and deliver the goods. I really hadn’t even understood the process that sparked inside.

Reb Beach whom was the lead guitarist of Winger, would influence some of my tonal playing with volume swells and such ater. He is an amazing technical player. ❤

Fast forward to the now: I saw a couple of promos for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra playing some pieces composed by Kip Winger. Wow-factor of “Infinite” for me, but I didn’t get out to go. The MTV Hair Metal scene hardly showcased Kip’s amazing talent.

The 80’s, 90,s and 00’s came and went. I’m not the wide-eyed teenager I used to be on the outside, but she still stirs inside.

Playing bass did open the door to many great influences as Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Chris Squire, and other “metal” bass players like Jeff Pilson of Dokken, through my fingers and ears. It also opened up the path to guitar/cello/guitar.

And its funny when I got to cello that was indirectly influenced through my path of hair metal, if I think about it.

I can’t help but laugh when I think of things like rednecks trying to make Winger the butt of their joke. I’m like “Really? He has some looks and a lot more success then you’d ever see in your lifetime. I guess success threatens your lifestyle?”

I happily read updates and posts that come through Winger & Kip Winger Facebook pages. I think its like living past a nuclear holocaust or something. My crazy teens or the “Era of Hair Metal.” Both would apply.

Some bands/musicians entertain me.
Some influence me.
Some started the spark inside me.