Buffet of Choices

For the criminally insane (and maybe a few others) who try to follow this blog, today’s subject is about being a girl who gets her choices. I choose strength.

What I am talking about is that I can choose to overdose on pink rather than accept being given only that as a choice. I can choose to wear PANTS, rather than adhering to what society suggests ladies should wear.

I’ll rock a skirt when I want to and it WILL rock.

A lot of my muscle mass went away-so much that I had flappy skin on the back of my arms when I waved. Over time those  subsided but they were evidence of skeletal muscle loss.

My misguided point is narrowing to the fact that, yes I am 41. My body cannot continue to atrophy at that rate. So I am starting on small weights. Making repetitions with be most beneficial, and then I want to add some strength.
Competitively? No. I was inspired by Chris Tina Bruce‘s story. Her attitude more than anything was influential to the fact I really have one person to please: myself. 1 person or 10 people can have angst towards me for being tattooed, transsexual, or any reason.

Rather than avoiding confrontation and negative approval, why not do something that is actually pleasing to me.

I am inspired more this last year over the almost daily feminist struggle that continues. I can take part in doing what portrays ladies in a non-stereotypical role and enjoy living with the freedom of choice.

I figure within the next few years, I will benefit from letting my body turn completely to much, but I am finding the strength to be useful to my direction, for now.

Maybe I would like to be a stronger girl for my own purpose, protection and power?

Later stalker(s)~



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