Switch “switch” is which?

Sometimes we are expected to fill 2 roles or more with our daily lives. Not unlike being able to change as the situation changes. Switch can be on or off or any number of settings/variations.
My setting is 11!
But I probably only have a few different roles that ebb and flow with the situation.
As someone who socially strives to distance herself from “all things male” there are crossroads and conundrums that do circle back in doing what I must do to take a role. Dyke is NOT insulting to me and I consider it a complement anytime it’s been directed at me. I can fix a machine/car because I am a clever girl, not because my dad yelled at me. I’m just a clever girl!
I can carry a switch as necessary in defense and protection of my family, my charge, my coven.

Sometimes life is a “switch” where the roles with our intimate partner require flexibility. Some relationships/people are not flexible and thus those relationships evidently break without ever bending. I find that a dedicated partner, listening to her needs and applying open mind to relationships is the biggest tool I could take to the situation. Some roles have been filling even before one has applied a label to. Other roles are as natural as a fish in the water.

Now only if I can prove I was switched at birth, my mother can sue for malpractice!



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