Death of my Light and Life

I wish my death to occur in a warm ocean:

  • The salt air filling my nose and taste buds to saturation,
  • My arms floating out-as my legs too relax.
  • My wonderful mind feeling the light pour out of it into the void-beyond…

like so many times before now.

The warm water will fill my senses with that of my birth-many times entering this world in a peaceful warmth and easing into being. My soul seems to be the perpetual arrow in flight not having once stopped but occasionally skipping years of prescience.

My body should breakdown in the natural process and fill the smallest organisms, the plankton, full of energy then in time will go through fish, filter feeders, or a whale if I am lucky. A Sei Whale would be appropriate as I once took Sei as my name in this current life that I can call my own.

Perhaps This time my hand touches water from Lethe to my lips..

Death is truly a beautiful thing; my death will be more beautiful than my life has been at times- A cacophony of light and matter not unlike the supernova in its exit.

Don’t worry, its just another beginning.



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