Clarity as a Liquid

If clarity was something you could consume-or drink….

I might drink a whole bottle without experiencing any “perceived effects.”

(A friend might offer perspective about what was supposed to happen when you consumed the lightning-in-a-bottle of clarity.)

After an episode like that, I could drown in a whole ocean made of clarity, and yet be “thirsty” for clarity.

Its not unlike having a doctor explain what was supposed to happen or what happesns “in theory” when medicine or therapy is applied…

My corpse would be brined and pickled in clarity and yet I might not truly understand.

“Give me clarity!” is a hollow plea for some substance that goes through in an unaffected matter.

“Doctor, what was supposed to happen? How does this change me?”

The others.
I can see the viewpoint of others, relative to my own. That tends to be a gift, but time cannot be undone.

Or can it only be repaired?


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