Ciao! Io Non Sono La Violincellista. Io Sono Sempre La Chitarrista!

Hello! I am not a cellist. I am always a guitarist! Truly a musician, magician….

Now that I have lived in “a real home” where I can explore things beyond the “newness of fascination” and child-like wonder, I am faced with a choice. The choices are always for my heart to make. Its been a year since I decided to explore the cello. I always tried to play guitar sounds from it. Its been fun, but Lucien (my cello) will  be parting ways.

My guitar, Lucifer, shown in the first video has been something whose fate had been undetermined. She was missing-in-action until recently when my friend finally stated that the guitar was in fact sold to pay bills.
I breathed a sigh of acceptance for my first and most beautiful guitar’s fate. My newer guitar, Isis, never really felt the same and I was always wanting the old guitar; wanting the original guitar.

You really cannot play George Lynch or Warren Di Martini on a cello. I tried. Goddess Mother have I tried. They are completely unwillingly capable of producing harmonics like an electric guitar.

So I have a clean slate. My heart is free from want, expectation.
Musical life is new!

It means I will have to sell my cello, but that’s ok.
Any guitar could be my guitar now.




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