How do you assist someone who might not ask for help?

I am perplexed.

The root meaning of my name is Greek for “helper”, and it is infected in my heart, soul, and mind to assist ones I love.

  • Do you “sit on your hands” until the problem goes away or fixes itself?
  • Do you “take a pile of money, placed under the problem; set it ablaze” until the problem goes away?
  • Do you run in the 180 degree opposite angle to the problem in a hasty fashion?

Then you have to ask:

  • Are you the type of person with a conscious?
  • Can you sleep at night based on your actions?
  • Do you feel that would help your own problems?


But you cannot force someone to tell you about their problems, and in the end you can figure moving on and spending more time with responsive people.

Thank you



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