Photos & Shoes: Try them on for size

Greetings readers of tales from the rants of an Atypical Italian Woman!

Shoes are something we get to try on for “size”; we get to see briefly as they are viewed in a mirror.

Photos too can be something we can glance at and see how things are viewable from an outside point of view. Polaroids are the traditional medium for a shot of a model, or scene, that can give immediate feedback from a printed viewable medium.

Lately I’ve been gushing of things of the heart, staring at photos of me and her, posting them on social media sites or so. Its almost similar to those touristy places where the faces are cut out where tourists can stick their head through the hole and snap a shot. I can like what I see, or simply dismiss it as something that was a “snapshot in time” at the moment it was taken.

(Too often people get lost in the images & messages that a picture can send rather than placing value in the person, or at the very least not to get swept away in the notion of possibilities….)

Time is the truest test to the measure a picture-a snapshot of possibility.
Honestly, I like what I see but more importantly, I like how I feel in this “new pair of shoes.”

Perhaps we should go around with a stopwatch rather than a camera?



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