Anything can happen

“Anything can happen” does not implicitly indicate that Anything will happen.

(What’s this rant about?)

On any given day, there are many possibilities within the available set of circumstances.


Typically that course leads down a narrow scope, away from the most extreme possibilities.

(Yes, also true. But weren’t you making a point?)

So we can rule out the most extreme possibilities on any given day. Examples being Global Nuclear War, Virgin Birth, etc.

(So this blog is about you suggesting everything covered in the “et. cetera” then is it?)

Yes, it is.

(Why so “cloak and dagger?”)

I start each day filled with hope. I dream big. I dream in technicolor and black & white. I dream Everything is Closer to Happening. Life doesn’t mean a short thrill seeking ride anymore. Substance breeds greater and more mature possibilities.

(So you’re going to act your age now?)

Not entirely. Plus I don’t think that’s ever going to be possible from how old I am and how young I am at the same time.

(*raises glass*)

Here’s to whatever happens from here on forward. Anything might happen!



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