New Ground

Daunting, intimidating, scary, risky, unsafe, dangerous, failure poterntial

These are some of the terms assigned to a task simply because it is new.
They happen to also be the words we let get to us. Heck, they are some of the things we throw at ourselves!
Some people say we “start dying from the moment we’re born.”

Some of us have never truly lived. We let each failure become a reminder of our past attemps that prevents ascention, advancement, and growth.

I fear death less lately, I am less apologetic for that fact too!

Staying in my comfort zone is without risks, and its without passion, adventure, and newness.
Newsflash! It is also without personal growth for me.

If I only have this one life, I’m going to give newness my best attempt.

Here goes nothing!

Wish me luck people!!



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