Girls, Girls, Girls

(Re-posted from e-blog from January 30, 2011)

I get asked what kind of girls I like.

(Rather than get asked out)


I like curvy long haired girls.

I like skinny girls.

I like girls with shaved heads.

I like girls with multiple piercings.

I girls with tattoos.

I like girls that have fauxhawks.

I like a girl that can wear a tie.

I like a girl in a skirt so short I can see a thigh.

I like a girl with something unique about her.

I like young girls and older ones.

I like a girl who needs me.

I like to cook for a girl and a girl to cook for me.

I like a girl who knows how to pin me to the floor.


I love a girl who’d hang on the back of my motorcycle.

I’d love a girl I could kiss all night in the falling rain.

I’d love a girl I could walk down the street holding hands.

I’d love a girl I can wake up next to and look into each others eyes and know without saying a word what said.


I’d love a girl a really long time,

(probably long past my time to expire)



(This was really deep for me to put up here, I may delete it because it opened up my heart and exposed the sensative part to the world)

Oracular Sight

(Re-posted from e-notes from March 17, 2011)
If you were to have knowledge of someone before you met them through a vision or dream,

what would you do?

Would you blindly go about life while assuming that things will turn out regardless?

Would you just do everything to avoid boredom?

Would you just play ignorant and see what develops spontaneously and naturally?

I stick with the 3rd choice.

Letting the participant know that you know of them is kind of Un-romantic.

If you do not allow enough to develop naturally and at its own moment, that too would have tainted results.

Oracular sight is flawed, it is a trap to rely on in any absolute sense.

If you know that you would fall madly in love with someone, would let love develop or just act hastily and impulsively?


Photos & Shoes: Try them on for size

Greetings readers of tales from the rants of an Atypical Italian Woman!

Shoes are something we get to try on for “size”; we get to see briefly as they are viewed in a mirror.

Photos too can be something we can glance at and see how things are viewable from an outside point of view. Polaroids are the traditional medium for a shot of a model, or scene, that can give immediate feedback from a printed viewable medium.

Lately I’ve been gushing of things of the heart, staring at photos of me and her, posting them on social media sites or so. Its almost similar to those touristy places where the faces are cut out where tourists can stick their head through the hole and snap a shot. I can like what I see, or simply dismiss it as something that was a “snapshot in time” at the moment it was taken.

(Too often people get lost in the images & messages that a picture can send rather than placing value in the person, or at the very least not to get swept away in the notion of possibilities….)

Time is the truest test to the measure a picture-a snapshot of possibility.
Honestly, I like what I see but more importantly, I like how I feel in this “new pair of shoes.”

Perhaps we should go around with a stopwatch rather than a camera?


Its nice to enjoy rain again…

I blogged a while back about the rain stopping for a little while.

And though the rain had stopped, I saw a clearing in which things came into focus; my world was shattered and such the way I view things are clearly different than before.

And so I will look upon the coming rain, from the safety and comfort of inside.
Through this window I will watch the rain dance amongst the streetlights, with the comfort and embrace with that I saw when the rain had ceased.


Anything can happen

“Anything can happen” does not¬†implicitly indicate that Anything will happen.

(What’s this rant about?)

On any given day, there are many possibilities within the available set of circumstances.


Typically that course leads down a narrow scope, away from the most extreme possibilities.

(Yes, also true. But weren’t you making a point?)

So we can rule out the most extreme possibilities on any given day. Examples being Global Nuclear War, Virgin Birth, etc.

(So this blog is about you suggesting everything covered in the “et. cetera” then is it?)

Yes, it is.

(Why so “cloak and dagger?”)

I start each day filled with hope. I dream big. I dream in technicolor and black & white. I dream Everything is Closer to Happening. Life doesn’t mean a short thrill seeking ride anymore. Substance breeds greater and more mature possibilities.

(So you’re going to act your age now?)

Not entirely. Plus I don’t think that’s ever going to be possible from how old I am and how young I am at the same time.

(*raises glass*)

Here’s to whatever happens from here on forward. Anything might happen!


Sometimes it stops raining

Sometimes in life, it stops raining.
The air gets clear.
You can momentarily breathe.
Your head is out of the fog.
You may even feel your heart lighter.

Enjoy the moment the rain stops, you never know when it might storm.


New Ground

Daunting, intimidating, scary, risky, unsafe, dangerous, failure poterntial

These are some of the terms assigned to a task simply because it is new.
They happen to also be the words we let get to us. Heck, they are some of the things we throw at ourselves!
Some people say we “start dying from the moment we’re born.”

Some of us have never truly lived. We let each failure become a reminder of our past attemps that prevents ascention, advancement, and growth.

I fear death less lately, I am less apologetic for that fact too!

Staying in my comfort zone is without risks, and its without passion, adventure, and newness.
Newsflash! It is also without personal growth for me.

If I only have this one life, I’m going to give newness my best attempt.

Here goes nothing!

Wish me luck people!!