Trans-acceptance Tshirt Slogan Idea

“Grazie per pensare alla mia vagina. Ciaó!”
English version:
“Thank-you for thinking about my vagina. Have a nice day!”

Why? Because that is what some of this boils down to.
Guy thinking: “I find her sexually atractive/arousing. I picture having sex with her.”
Guy gets a few mixed signals and possibly even rejected by this person.
Guy feels shamed/angry.

I was having a discussion with someone I know who is an “out” gay male about this sort of scenario that happens. He was trying to convince me that people project dislike at him for “just walking down the street”, but was really trying to dismiss what a trans person goes through as being the same.
Me: “But guys don’t feel angry for being sexually turned on for staring at a bearded man. They don’t project the end game of what’s to be had between his legs!” Unless they realize that you’re a transboy and some how you took said “vagina coitus scenario” off-line…
“LGB≠T” and it never has. There’s another tshirt idea.
Truth be told, it was the trans-civil rights movement that illustrated how many gaps and inequallities remained after the feminist movement.

Thank-you for thinking about my vagina. Have a nice day!



4 thoughts on “Trans-acceptance Tshirt Slogan Idea

  1. Thank you for the translation since if there wasn’t a translation, for those who don’t even know a word in Italian, would be discriminated in a sense since none of us would be able to read your blog 🙂

    • Google translate feature is a good way to browse quickly but its not correct at times. If you place the translated text back in and translate back to the original, then you can catch mistakes. I use it with German and French most often. Its a good language building tool but Italians talk with their hands and the regions of Italy retain their own way of speaking, especially Sicily and Sardegnia.
      There is about 10 main accents and distinct colloquial regions in the United States.

      • I avoid using programs like those since they are not correct. You know that each language has its own rules for building a sentence for example so using a program like that, messes it up.
        I prefer dictionaries (the books-those old things that still exist 😀 )-I have 2 for English, one for German and I am searching to buy a Bulgarian-Swedish one so I can improve my Swedish knowledge.

      • I recently got tattooed in a shop owned by a gentleman who is half Bulgarian and Half Swedish here in San Francisco. He owned a shop in Bulgaria too, I think.

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