Transgender Day of Rememberance

Today is the day where we, the transgender community, remember through the list of names of people murdered/died through actions of others because of who they were.
The name I carry for personal reasons of  being a veteran, and a former Screaming Eagle of the 101st, is for Private First Class Barry Winchell because he was murdered by a fellow soldier in July 1999 just a few blocks up the street from where I was.

I believe his name is relative to the list because in my opinion he was murdered because of his girlfriend, Calpernia Addams.

Today is a day to bring attention to advocacy, see what needs to change; to see how far we have come; and to remember the loved ones who died in this battle.
Its a
Violent bloody war
based on who you are.
Much like genocide of the African continent,
or ethnic cleansing of Europe.

So what I recommend to all the new boys and new girls out there (and people that are both and neither of those categories)…is to carry mace/tazer/pepper spray when you venture out in your new identity.
Don’t hesitate to use it in defense of being attacked by a family member. In fact, expect violence from at least 1 family member. Stay on your toes.



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