Why you shouldn’t vote for Romney

As a Veteran, I ask you not to vote for Mitt Romney because President Obama has made many improvements to the VA Health Care and Jobs for Vets system-especially the ones physically disfigured by George Bush’s war.

As a woman, I ask you not to vote for Mitt Romney, because the de-evolution of a basic fundamental understanding that women are not chattel property, our bodies are our own to make decisions with, we fought for the right to vote and deserve to keep everything-including Roe vs. Wade, that has come to pass, and science explains the forces of biology in a woman’s body, not some invisible person like Rumplestiltskin. Sex education and contraceptives lower abortion rate, not making abortions harder to come by.

As a transgendered person, EEOC ruling and lifting restrictions on federal jobs to include gender identity/expression came about with a “fertile for change” political atmosphere provided by endorsements and support from President Obama. Don’t vote Romney.

As a lesbian/bisexual, I’d like to think that there would be an option to sharing ALL of the constitutional rights granted to “church going” married couples as me and my potential long-term partner. If you are too busy thinking about what goes on in other peoples’ bedrooms then you should consider why your divorce rate is so high? You want to protect “traditional marriage” then please Outlaw traditional divorce. Period.
Don’t vote Romney.

As a registered voter, I do not believe Mitt Romney has been clear on what his economic plan actually is. He has driven the whole election to be a “Jesus issue” by playing on “voter fear” rather than his own merit.

As a sane individual, I hope you don’t vote for some smug bastard and his misogynistic snot-nosed, smart-ass running mate. Face it, Paul Ryan is Steve Stifler from American Pie series of movies.



3 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t vote for Romney

  1. If you are a woman with a uterus, LGBT, Black, Latino, or sane or all the above…vote Obama. 4 years with Steve Stifler are not going to make any of those mentioned groups better.

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