String Voice Dilemma? Viola? Cello? Help

My cello and I have been spending the last few months together.

I don’t think its the voice I want…

I still try to play it like a lead guitar.

I run out of neck space to get the voice I need.

(Why didn’t you start on a viola first?)

I wanted something with a scale length comparable to a guitar. Plus the viola would have this “chin rest foundation” issue with my make-up.

My dilemma?
Which is more important: having the voice or having no make-up smeared?

Drawbacks of the cello I have learned:

  1. Hurts my hands after fretting chords
  2. I have the habit of looking at the fingerboard
  3. Playing on the body part of the fingerboard to get the sound
  4. I am immobile when playing in public and people can harass a girl like me
  5. Voicing and parts too similar to bass guitar-which I left because it doesn’t express me

So at least I bought a cheap one. Violas are comparably less expensive than a cello.


Life would be easier without music in ones heart, but would it be a life?



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