The Politics of Uteri

(or is Politica Del Carciofo a better title?)

Why do the most sexually unappealing and unattractive men want to control women’s uteri (uteruses-whatever)?

Did some really sexy girl turn them down as a teenager?

Rejection hurts that much? </3

She didn’t want to have sex with you, regardless of your money and inherited wealth?

(If you just had found a girl you could pay for sex with your money instead of impressing with your money…)

So you went to college.

Mom and Dad put you through the institution where “money was not an issue.”

(Pick any Ivy League school)

Look at you now!

You are all slicked out-still smelling of money, but with a new twist: You took your schooling to gain a position of influence on LAWS that would effect that leggy blonde girl who turned you and your money down so many painful years ago…since money cannot impress this harlot, then gaining legislative control of her body will be your plan for retribution!

(Again, couldn’t you just PAY for sex rather than Impress for sex??)

“If she won’t be impressed by my boyish charms (translation: rude and hence butt-ugly teenager), my inheritance of wealth (money by birth), then I will impose martial law on her vagina, making sure that if I cannot have fun with it, no one else in this nation will either-INCLUDING lesbians. Muhahahaahaha!”


You are so insecure about your penis-With the money to back it up, that you’d take this approach?

By taking this approach, you really have validated the leggy blonde girl of rejection. She knew that even with your non-impressive wealth, you had no personality, no kind attributes, no philanthropic tendencies that were worthy of giving you the time of day.

No amount of political skill, or Biblical text manipulation will ever remove the blinding fact that you are,

in fact,

an asshole/bigot/evil/bully/loser.


(Registered Female Voter and Registered Sexy Leggy Blonde Girl)


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