Steve Perry is my father, essentially

I can honestly say that Steve Perry of Journey is my *father.

Anytime I couldn’t sleep at night when I was very young (bad dream, thunder, etc.), my birth father was usually high and listening to the stereo on headphones in the dark living room. Rather than talk or comfort an upset child, he would just stick the headphones on me and leave the room. He also did not allow me to access my mother in these times of personal crisis. “Dad, I’m not a c*** blocker.”

(The Who, Kansas, Jethro Tull, Crosby Stills and Nash also were in the rotations)

Anytime I needed to talk, I was put in headphones and told of all the wonderful (pick a musical description) about the music on-then he left the room.

(later he really resented having me (as girls-like-me often get) as his offspring)

So that is why I probably have a hard time conversing with men. I really never knew any physical comfort nor protection from a father.

I saw Journey at the age of 8 on the Departure tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of the tracks on Captured was actually recorded live at the Milwaukee stop. I had a t-shirt that I wore all the time until it disappeared or my older sister “borrowed” it.

Later I saw Steve Perry touring through the south during one of his solo tours. Amazing show! Lots of Journey tunes sprinkled into the playlist. ❤ ❤

Therefore, Steve Perry of Journey is my father. ♥ Perhaps I should send him a Father’s Day card out of respect and honor 🙂

(to hell with biology)


*(Disclaimer: Steve Perry is neither my father nor my step-father. He is neither biologically related nor legally related.)

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