God with science to back it up? Never

The national argument against transgender acceptance (and same-sex marriage to an extent) from the Judeo-Christian standpoint that “if you are born with XX or XY(any combination of scientifically derived results of chromosomes), then you are that gender for life.”

You can NEVER use scientific proof to support a Biblical argument. Period.

You can say that “your cat talks to God,”

Science and religion do not have parallel supporting arguments. At best things can be coincidental, but most will be contradictions.

Here in the United States, it seems to be the typical rhetoric for the election year. Plus, the recent California legislature to ban parents from “praying away the gay” that has made a few headlines keeps life interesting.

“I prayed that my son wouldn’t try to be a girl because God wants him to obey his chromosomes and life according to scripture.” 

I don’t think that’s what your cat-who-talks-to-God wants.

(I think California just wants those people to get the hell out of their state. And by those people I mean the ones who mentally abuse their children for something that is inborn and has been scientifically proven to be.)

Can’t someone punch people during this election year that take this approach to supporting their argument instead of: “Marriage between one man and one woman…and no portion of my tax loophole/shelter income to the church” ?

I could never understand people that strongly argue against evolution or such and still get modern medical treatment. Does it not pertain to their faith to “pray the pain away” or “it must be God’s will”?

I can respect that a person maintains their faith at any cost, but choosing to behave according to a faith that you identify with for merely the convenience of supporting an argument is crazier that people who get sent to jail because their faith has them unsuccessfully “pray” away their child’s illness and be facing criminal neglect charges.

At this point some may feel I have an anti-theological mentality. No. If you are kind and free of judgement of others and do not try to enforce your particular god’s will, and even support progressive change…then GREAT!

It would be great if people said they did not believe in: a man in a dress; a woman with a short haircut in pants; 2 women eating vagina regularly or 2 men having anal sex.

Please just say the idea horrifies you or that you lose your ability to keep a meal down. Don’t say the invisible man in the sky told you that it is horrifying.

What about the children?

Back when white kids play with black kids, the only person who has a problem is some uptight parent.

Just say your cat talked to God and so that is why you “just go with it.”

(Don’t have a cat? Then talk to your dog.)


(my personal belief is in Wicca. We get to use technology and science and still hump whomever)


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