Special Snowflakes/Infinite Patience

Hello reader!

As I am still digesting from an amazing foodie party, I am also digesting something about the host. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I have granted my friend (& host) my “Ultimate Patience.”

Does Ultimate Patience even exist? Evidently.

I say this because she works in a job field that requires travel for basically 8 to 9 months a year. Heck, her and I internet chatted for about 8 months before we met in person. Maybe that’s why it feels like I have known her more than those “actual” months. I should be driven insane not being able to talk to an amazing intellect, and someone who puts animal welfare higher than the average person. I actually get insane about sparse communication with other people.

She is a rockstar: lead guitarist, string player, astronaut, Hollywood starlet, published author in my book and I am enamored that she’s someone I Actually know. Starstruck? Who knows…

The laughing parts for me are that I give no patience to any of my “namesake” or blood relatives, and thus come across as cold to the ones that may have known me the longest. And for me its about 3-4 years that they go back, other than “real” family I’d call her family in the sense that I don’t remember a coarse word ever come between us.

I blog to vaguely understand its workings, but hardly try to understand what I just “plain ole” accept without question. Is she a special snowflake? Probably so.



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