How to eat Mediterranean, without a kitchen or fridge!

Even though the chirping crickets don’t comment, I will still blog.

Warning: This food blog is under the assumption that:

you are not allergic to anything,

you don’t avoid meats,

you don’t avoid dairy products.

Trying to eat the way life in the Med promotes better health than the typical/traditional American diet is? No kitchen? No fridge? No problem!!

Try a few of these tips.

Things you can stock up on without heightened fear of spoilage:

Canned (or jar) olives

Extra virgin olive oil

balsamic vinegar


unleavened breads/crackers

dried cranberries or apricots


Instant nonfat dry milk (powdered)

dry spices/herbs as oregano, basil, rosemary, pepper

nuts (raw are best)

Olive tepenades (non refrigerated)

Spring water

Things you will have to buy at regular intervals:



perishable vegetables

vegetables that ripen but will spoil

bread (because it will spoil)

Some of my favorite options, for I have no kitchen nor a refrigerator, are buying a large pack of roma tomatoes at Trader Joe’s: 6 for $1.79. Also they have sourdough boule that is $.99. Their sardines and dried tomatoes, dried apricots, dried cranberries are really cheap and you can stock up on them.

A light snack can be just pouring a spot of oil with vinegar and use some bread to soak it up and eat it, A larger meal could be getting their salami & provolone cheese pack for $1.99, and having some other items to round it out a bit.

Other larger chain groceries (or local delis) have “fresh” olive bars or salad bars. Olive stuffed feta, peppers, marinated garlic, mushrooms, olive medleys, smaller “rustic” rolls and breads. Canned and jar vegetables will last longer but the more preserved they are the less of a benefit they are to your overall health.

Tasty snack–> I often get a small container of Greek style yogurt plain, the way yogurt is mean to be, and pour lemon juice, basil flakes, and extra virgin olive oil. Its tasty and better than any fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt on the market…in my opinion.

(or use fresh ricotta!)

Whatever your situation, living in a Single Room Occupancy, transitional housing, camping, electricity shut off, etc., you shouldn’t suffer from low funds to keep eating in restaurants everyday, nor should you feel like you need a whole kitchen to eat better!



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