Mediterranean Women Do stay slim by eating to be sexy!

A few weeks ago (August 25th), I checked out a book from the North Beach San Francisco Public Library titled Mediterranean Women Stay Slim, TooEaitng to be Sexy, Fit and Fabulous! by Chef Melissa Kelly.

With my current limited kitchen resources, I basically have no refrigeration and no real cooking other than the buy-cook-and-eat cycle. I stocked up on some imported extra virgine olive oil. I take about half a shot glass per day regardless the other eating I do.

I noticed something today at work that baffled me with reserved excitement: I had less brain fog and dyslexia towards numbers. I have problems with linear thought when typing in product code at work to either sound it out loud or re-check my work. Today that little brain detour did NOT happen. Why?

I have been consuming no less than half a shot glass of extra virgine olive oil and/or olives since the second day of reading the book. Olive oil has some amazing compounds that, in spite of my continued wine consumption and smoking, have really cut the mental ‘fog’ that rules my work day.

Is it a fix-all to my situation? No. But the data collected so far has the skeptic in me working overtime to rule out the conclusion that simply eating more good fats has helped my brain.

I am really excited about staying on this dietary change because it is the way my ancestors ate and is still readily available if I continue to make better choices of eating!

I strongly suggest putting more olive oil and olives in your diet. Good fats never hurt anything!



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