So I cut most of my hair off…

You what?

Wednesday evening after work, I decided to look up some information on bob haircuts. I love angle cuts like Victoria Beckham also. So I read a little then get out the sharpest pair of scissors I own, 2 pair actually…

A vital piece of equipment for hair butchery is a basic comb. Walgreens has these priced from $2.99 to $3.99. “That’s highway robbery!” I live at the border lands of Chinatown so there are many a good cheap places to look. Sadly, there is a local custom of locking things up tighter than Fort Knox at about 6 to 6:30 pm.

But the will of the Goddess prevailed and I scored a large fine bristle comb for 99 cents!

Penguin dance…oh yeah!

I set up 2 mirrors like the page said on or something like that. I can only see in one mirror and I really don’t like waiting to save lots of money or when I can get the portal to the kingdom-of-light when the planets align to get a haircut. I need results and FAST!

Lightly mist hair and CHOP the back. Chop the sides. Even the sides. Even the sides again…..

Even out the sides again…Done!

Assessing the wreckage Thursday morning, I very cautiously went into work. I honestly hadn’t seen the back….
My cube mate, the fashion major, compliments: “Wow! I like!…Did it yourself?…the back looks fine..”

Do I recommend cutting your own hair? No. Hairdressers usually fall out of my life by geographical distance or price. I have gone in for appointments in the past and get the person who is working their last day before they move 4 states east (or west).
That’s just my luck.

Girls like me will have a strong preference for long hair. Long flowing hair = more feminine, right? Not necessarily.

My hair is actually longer than the associated press article from 2 years ago.



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