Signs of Life?

Signs and compatibility-also known as The Horoscope, Astrology, etc. Try to explain a little bit about relations and such. I will do my best to keep it about me: the Capricorn.

Most of the signs are real animals, except Capricorn (fish & goat) and Sagittarius (the centaur or half horse & half archer. “Hung like a horse, right?”)

I am a nimble-footed goat of a Capricorn. I am very confident, and driven. My moon sign is Cancer and I will explain a little later about that. Rising sign is Leo.

 Some people feel that Capricorns are stubborn. Wrong! We just have a preference based on moving away from “dislikes” and moving towards “likes.”

We come to signs I have never dated (but sometimes mated)

Virgo (earth sign)

Libra (air sign)

Aries (fire sign)

Taurus (earth sign)

Sagittarius (fire sign)

Aquarius (air sign)

Scorpio (water sign) *

 *mated only

 Signs I have dated with no sexual compatibility:

Capricorn (earth sign & same sign)

Signs I have dated where they basically ran off having sex with everyone in sight:

Leo (fire sign & my rising sign)

Gemini (air sign)

Signs where the sex was good, feelings were good (but didn’t work for other reasons):

Pisces (water sign)

Cancer (water sign)

 Capricorn does not work with Capricorn because they are too similar, Its like a Las Vegas weekend: as long as there is a bunch of money, whores, and coke to go around then everyone is fine. Run out of that and free hotels will never make up for the lack of material interaction. Sorry

Sagittarius-The books say that Sagittarians are way optimistic for dealing with a cynic. I have seen this in practice so I could just agree with. Sagittarius seems to be my biggest ally. Perhaps the December proximity and trying to shed some positivity in a Capricorn’s life just shows the dynamics that are good for friends but not for love.

Scorpio-lots of great sex there (historically) but most Scorpios are to busy with everyone else to try goat. (Sometimes I miss that Corvette I used to own...)

 Libra- alas we have never kissed, or slept together. Many roommates and siblings have shared this sign.

Virgo-I am often mistaken for an earth-bound virgine. True I am very Venusian, her and I really never crossed paths. A few had entertained the idea of going out but their reply was…

(…crickets chirping…)

Leo- is my rising sign! But alas, is over active and likes to roam. I can have strong allies with Leo’s for obvious reasons but thats usually it.

Cancer -is my moon sign. Its one of the few signs that if I stare too long into their eyes, I cannot describe in words the chemical explosion that occurs.

Don’t open the door if you aren’t willing to accept a communication “without words” because you need superglue remover to separate. In most cases…

Gemini -is an air sign but alas one twin convinced the other to wander, in spite of great physical chemistry, emotional pain from emotional incompatibility.

Taurus -is a down to earth bull. No cattle have come across my path, sad really.

Taurus, call me!!

Aries–  and I dated just once. Didn’t agree on enough to get into anything together.

 Pisces– and I had some really brief but “clandestine” relationship. Everything went really good, for a while.

 Are there more fish in the sea? Maybe I need to get a bigger boat?

Aquarius- is an air sign but has never been in that place to get romantically, involved. I have an Aquarian sis and parent. Very few moments we really got to tolerate one another.

My moon sign is Cancer and like most women, the moon sign has a larger role in your life sometimes greater than that of your sun sign. I was born on Friday and as such align more with Venus/Virgo.

So things that at pull at me: Scorpio & Cancer. They both are arthropods but both stronger sex and sometimes actual love. The math says water sign would work,
I have never been involved romantically/sexually with Virgo or Taurus. Earth plus earth equals mud pie??

 I guess all things not being equal, a girl like me, could look at an old flame or look for something new based on the track record of the old.

 I really do want to meet many people so I can meet a “girl.”

 This bird (goat & fish) may fly another coup.


UPDATE 9-30-12

I have been meaning to update for a while and since I am off today, seemed best time to do it.

So a couple of recurring themes are not dating the sign either side of your own (before and after your birthday). For me this means that dating Sagittarius or Aquarius would not work.

I also have concluded that dating the same sign for the most part would be very bad. For me this means Capricorn would not date Capricorn.

The tricky part now comes to my Capricorn sun sign (earth), Cancer moon (water), Leo rising (fire) combination. Since I am not “heavy” in any single element, this is conclusive with the fact that Air signs don’t work with me (Aquarius,Gemini, Libra).

Sure I could read some more books, but can’t ONE book just simplify the formula to be these “revalations?”



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