Special Snowflakes/Infinite Patience

Hello reader!

As I am still digesting from an amazing foodie party, I am also digesting something about the host. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I have granted my friend (& host) my “Ultimate Patience.”

Does Ultimate Patience even exist? Evidently.

I say this because she works in a job field that requires travel for basically 8 to 9 months a year. Heck, her and I internet chatted for about 8 months before we met in person. Maybe that’s why it feels like I have known her more than those “actual” months. I should be driven insane not being able to talk to an amazing intellect, and someone who puts animal welfare higher than the average person. I actually get insane about sparse communication with other people.

She is a rockstar: lead guitarist, string player, astronaut, Hollywood starlet, published author in my book and I am enamored that she’s someone I Actually know. Starstruck? Who knows…

The laughing parts for me are that I give no patience to any of my “namesake” or blood relatives, and thus come across as cold to the ones that may have known me the longest. And for me its about 3-4 years that they go back, other than “real” family I’d call her family in the sense that I don’t remember a coarse word ever come between us.

I blog to vaguely understand its workings, but hardly try to understand what I just “plain ole” accept without question. Is she a special snowflake? Probably so.



How to eat Mediterranean, without a kitchen or fridge!

Even though the chirping crickets don’t comment, I will still blog.

Warning: This food blog is under the assumption that:

you are not allergic to anything,

you don’t avoid meats,

you don’t avoid dairy products.

Trying to eat the way life in the Med promotes better health than the typical/traditional American diet is? No kitchen? No fridge? No problem!!

Try a few of these tips.

Things you can stock up on without heightened fear of spoilage:

Canned (or jar) olives

Extra virgin olive oil

balsamic vinegar


unleavened breads/crackers

dried cranberries or apricots


Instant nonfat dry milk (powdered)

dry spices/herbs as oregano, basil, rosemary, pepper

nuts (raw are best)

Olive tepenades (non refrigerated)

Spring water

Things you will have to buy at regular intervals:



perishable vegetables

vegetables that ripen but will spoil

bread (because it will spoil)

Some of my favorite options, for I have no kitchen nor a refrigerator, are buying a large pack of roma tomatoes at Trader Joe’s: 6 for $1.79. Also they have sourdough boule that is $.99. Their sardines and dried tomatoes, dried apricots, dried cranberries are really cheap and you can stock up on them.

A light snack can be just pouring a spot of oil with vinegar and use some bread to soak it up and eat it, A larger meal could be getting their salami & provolone cheese pack for $1.99, and having some other items to round it out a bit.

Other larger chain groceries (or local delis) have “fresh” olive bars or salad bars. Olive stuffed feta, peppers, marinated garlic, mushrooms, olive medleys, smaller “rustic” rolls and breads. Canned and jar vegetables will last longer but the more preserved they are the less of a benefit they are to your overall health.

Tasty snack–> I often get a small container of Greek style yogurt plain, the way yogurt is mean to be, and pour lemon juice, basil flakes, and extra virgin olive oil. Its tasty and better than any fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt on the market…in my opinion.

(or use fresh ricotta!)

Whatever your situation, living in a Single Room Occupancy, transitional housing, camping, electricity shut off, etc., you shouldn’t suffer from low funds to keep eating in restaurants everyday, nor should you feel like you need a whole kitchen to eat better!


Wait, you’re a lesbian? But I’d kill to attract men looking like you do…

This episode is laughable and thus I have to mention the entertainment of my doctor’s visit today.

Today at the hospital, one of the queer nurse boys got really chatty with me, as sometimes people do. Conversation goes something like this:
(Q is his question and A is my reply, not Q for queer…)

During the weigh in:
Q-“What do you do to get your shoulders so narrow? Did you have surgery? What exercises do you do?” (the tone was rather in an envious manner)

A-“No. I thank my parents and my good Italian ancestry.”

a little later…

Q-“A fella in the waiting area wanted to have his blood pressure checked and sit next to the pretty woman seating in here (wink and a surprised smile look on face).” His attitude reeked of ‘you are so clever doing a great job to fool men in buying you are a real girl’. You put a lot of work into this moment and hit pay dirt honey!

A-“Thank you, but I am seeing a PhD.”

Q-“Really? How long have you been seeing him?”

A-“I have seen her for 2 dates. I’m amazed that she’s an astrophysicist. She is quite lovely. Its awesome if I think about it.”

Q-“Really?” (horrified look on face)

His look and manner seem to convey that if you are born with an assumed penis and are slightly ‘queer’ you naturally go stick it in everything male perhaps? Maybe something that all transsexuals are really gay men? Or even that all people appearing as a woman will naturally pair with a man….(I could go on forever with this)

There was this weird enthusiasm about me being “convincing” this entire exchange. His over exaggerated gestures and style seemed to indicate that he has dressed up as a girl a time or two in his life as his demonstrated envy conveyed the most throughout this exchange. He exhibited all the behaviors that I have witnessed from similar people

I never friend someone specifically because they are queer, gay, lesbian, Jewish, Catholic, Italian, transsexual, employed, black, white, ….well you get the general idea. I also never friend on assumption!

I make friends based on actual friend things like, Oh I don’t know…common interests? tattoos? wine? piercings? comedy? shopping? beer? Doctor Who? industrial? goth? symphony? snarking? kissing? fashion? horticulture? Monty Python? horses? wicca? music? cello? Owls?

All in all, medical professionals as this nurse should neither talk on assumption NOR if they are looking at your chart, be all up in your business. All because you are just getting a fucking flu shot or blood pressure and weight recorded? Shut the fuck up and do your job. I could get you fired for being unprofessional, or at least flogged for being stupid.

The women nurses there are always rad: They complement my clothing or tattoos. And that’s the way I like it.


Mediterranean Women Do stay slim by eating to be sexy!

A few weeks ago (August 25th), I checked out a book from the North Beach San Francisco Public Library titled Mediterranean Women Stay Slim, TooEaitng to be Sexy, Fit and Fabulous! by Chef Melissa Kelly.

With my current limited kitchen resources, I basically have no refrigeration and no real cooking other than the buy-cook-and-eat cycle. I stocked up on some imported extra virgine olive oil. I take about half a shot glass per day regardless the other eating I do.

I noticed something today at work that baffled me with reserved excitement: I had less brain fog and dyslexia towards numbers. I have problems with linear thought when typing in product code at work to either sound it out loud or re-check my work. Today that little brain detour did NOT happen. Why?

I have been consuming no less than half a shot glass of extra virgine olive oil and/or olives since the second day of reading the book. Olive oil has some amazing compounds that, in spite of my continued wine consumption and smoking, have really cut the mental ‘fog’ that rules my work day.

Is it a fix-all to my situation? No. But the data collected so far has the skeptic in me working overtime to rule out the conclusion that simply eating more good fats has helped my brain.

I am really excited about staying on this dietary change because it is the way my ancestors ate and is still readily available if I continue to make better choices of eating!

I strongly suggest putting more olive oil and olives in your diet. Good fats never hurt anything!


Great cup of coffee!


About a year ago I made a video on how to make a great cup of coffee using a French press -or caffettiera a stantuffo in italiano. French presses were first patented in Italy in 1929.  (hence the bad accent throughout the videos, mi scusi)

(At times I sound like Rachael Ray a bit but I don’t think she casually swears. I like her down to earth and friendly persona!)

Please share any recommendations for beans or such in the comments (please?).




So I cut most of my hair off…

You what?

Wednesday evening after work, I decided to look up some information on bob haircuts. I love angle cuts like Victoria Beckham also. So I read a little then get out the sharpest pair of scissors I own, 2 pair actually…

A vital piece of equipment for hair butchery is a basic comb. Walgreens has these priced from $2.99 to $3.99. “That’s highway robbery!” I live at the border lands of Chinatown so there are many a good cheap places to look. Sadly, there is a local custom of locking things up tighter than Fort Knox at about 6 to 6:30 pm.

But the will of the Goddess prevailed and I scored a large fine bristle comb for 99 cents!

Penguin dance…oh yeah!

I set up 2 mirrors like the page said on ehow-to.com or something like that. I can only see in one mirror and I really don’t like waiting to save lots of money or when I can get the portal to the kingdom-of-light when the planets align to get a haircut. I need results and FAST!

Lightly mist hair and CHOP the back. Chop the sides. Even the sides. Even the sides again…..

Even out the sides again…Done!

Assessing the wreckage Thursday morning, I very cautiously went into work. I honestly hadn’t seen the back….
My cube mate, the fashion major, compliments: “Wow! I like!…Did it yourself?…the back looks fine..”

Do I recommend cutting your own hair? No. Hairdressers usually fall out of my life by geographical distance or price. I have gone in for appointments in the past and get the person who is working their last day before they move 4 states east (or west).
That’s just my luck.

Girls like me will have a strong preference for long hair. Long flowing hair = more feminine, right? Not necessarily.

My hair is actually longer than the associated press article from 2 years ago.


I have a past, but my past does not have me

There are so many things I have experienced. Relations, relatives, relativity….Proclivity, propensity, propulsion…

Sure you could read my old blogs, but the recent retraining at the “job” has really caused a shift.

(not a paradigm shift. I’m not a fan of that phrase)

A lot of things hit at once. One that I will just label “work issue to resolve”, another “marrying a foreigner”, also a “delete OK Cupid”, and the last I would just label “girl on my mind”.

I am supposed to elaborate now that I introduced the subjects. I will elaborate on are “marrying a foreigner” for starters.

An acquaintance of mine seriously took a remark I made at her work to mean that it is something that can be accomplished easy. You know, fool the government. It works for cisgendered people with tons of money, but not girls like me. For someone I do not know that well to offer up a couple of selling points, I think they miss the boat that, a 2-year detour for me to end up with an Italian passport that reads MALE is not how I want to live. I’ll swim to Italy as a determined lady thank-you kindly.

Deleting OK Cupid…

A momentary lapse of reason would explain why I signed on to a website for dating in the first place. Sure I am single, but no need to get upset that “stranger A” didn’t validate me because I am still single. LOL. I’d rather bump into someone who is kind of taken to my charms at the places I go to: galleries, farmers markets, industrial dance scene, symphony, steak houses, coffee houses. If she kind of digs me and is smart and cute, it would be stupid for me to be sitting by her and using the OK Cupid app for smart phone in a bar. Now wouldn’t it? I really would rather be single and focused outward than pre-occupied that answering question on a website introduces people into our lives by friends and such.

So just to wrap up the fact that the other 2 are not worth going into detail on here…I can say this much: The resolve of items has given me clarity. I accomplished a lot when I was living a lie. That in itself was an identity that I feel has really taken a while to come to terms with. There is no ex alive that I will get back together with, even for the sex. They are exes for a very damn good reason.

Speaking of sex and relations:

I am really new at all of this. The chance to start over with no frame of reference is daunting. I suppose I am wrapping up with a vague notion that if a “girl” was open minded to someone who is new at all of this, then be patient a little.

And my lips taste like nectar……….