Who Am I? Friday’s Edition

To explain this, I am really good at lists….

You can search for me,

Perhaps you may even find me.


But long before that, I was once a soldier in the Army. I worked on a $25 million aircraft as a 15X. Laser, weapons, ammo, targeting, electronics, etc…

I received the 92A skill identifier for logistics, and even passed Air Assault School and thus acquired my second pair of wings. (I need them for extra lift)

I graduated with a degree 3.9 and then taught Horticulture at Cape Fear Community College.

But I was  26 when I joined the army.

Before and during High School, I raised pigeons! Old Dutch Capuchine, Racing Homers, Indian Fantails, Birmingham Rollers.

Before the military was high school, college, marriage, child, lengthy divorce, children, divorce, break up.

7 years as an assistant produce manager for a grocery store no longer open. I laugh because that is a long time to be at any job!!

I am a musician since mid 1980’s. A few scattered bands; a few scattered recordings. Latest of which are in these blog pages…

My girl journey started becoming public and an external manifestation in 2005. My transition in 2008 started the first year with living and working as women do. No hormones-just social adjustment.

I feel I am a stronger woman because I went about this approach to face reality…

I lived in my car/vehicle through times of uncertainty/crazy roommates…

(Danced my way out of trouble too)

I am just a complex girl with simple needs. Getting a date seems to be the biggest goal and hardest obstacle to overcome lately. I never had a close family and so I am trying to find someone who would be physically close as a partner. Please refer me to someone you may think would be cool with me.

Sigh~ dating at 40….

But this his just another chapter of filler in the breath of a Saturday morning. Friday’s edition you ask? I was born on a Friday night (New Years Eve). :))




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