Finding Your Goddess Path In The Dark

Sometimes we need no guidance from others. We also rely too much on our eyes, and ears to guide us along any route or journey.Today my journey stumbled on to an interesting set of coincidences.

My name is Alexie Ekaterina. I go by Lexie. I did find out early on after choosing the name, that Ekaterina (after figure skater also born in 1971, Ekaterina Gordeeva) is a variation of Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic. But my first name, Alexie, was taken in remembrance of the first human being to step foot in space, Alexei Leonov. Alexie is Greek in origin, gender neutral, basically means helper of mankind.

My lovely owl tattoo perched on my shoulder is Athene noctura, or the Little Owl of Athena (Minerva). “Mi civetta di Minerva” -or- “Gufo di Minerva” are usually who I refer to him as. My owl brought  a reason to study up to see the companion and messenger theme. Owls can bring news, omen, fortune. The Hindi goddess of fortune, beauty, prosperity is Lakshmi. Often it is said she can travel with (or on) the owl.

I was born a Friday, or venerdì in Italian: Venus day. I am born as Venus (Aphrodite) in such as “Cronus cut off Uranus’ genitals and threw them into the sea. Rising through the bubbles and foam on a scallop (or clam) shell was this maiden of beauty.”

So where & how did today get weird? Well, apparently Lakshmi is a variation of Laxmi, or Lexi(e). I picked the owl because I adore owls and find them to be familiar to me. Right?!?

Strangely enough, I named my dragon tattoo Leviathan, after the snake worship under the goddess Isis/Hathor/Ishtar of the Mediterranean region. 2012 is the year of the dragon by the Chinese calendar. It is also (recently discovered by me) the year of the “water” dragon. Leviathan is often the Biblical reference to as a beast of the sea. I didn’t know it was the year of the water dragon. Heck, I only discovered 6 years ago that I was a “metal” piglet on the Chinese calendar.

Enough rantings.My points are all just that its really odd that once something has happened and there is a correlation of ideas and such “after the fact”.

(I mean, it got really weird when I discovered that I was born on a blue moon at the end of the year in a blizzard.)



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