Sometimes You Have To Bleed For Your Music

The following is something that because I am either dumb or passionate happened tonight….. (enjoy your reading)

So I got a nasty cut from a cutting board/tin can/paper (pick one) at work earlier today. That alone should have meant that my cello (named Lucien), would not be getting played until I didn’t have a fresh parallel cut on my left middle finger. Letting things mend a bit is the most sensible and pain free (or pain minimal) route to take. Right?

I ate dinner and got settled into listening to music. I am both a muse and influenced by muses and musings. Naturally my blood started moving in my veins. Really pumping and such that music makes my soul do… and I HAD to do some playing around on the cello.

Dokken‘s “Don’t Close Your Eyes” comes on in the play list this evening and so I take Lucien down from off his sleeping spot on the wall, “hook it up.”

(George Lynch of Dokken was a big influence on my guitar playing because of the kinds of sounds he got out of his fingers when playing like harmonics, pinch harmonics, mutes, tapping, bending, vibrato, etc. I love George’s playing and always will)

After getting the general feel for the song and the key notes, the solo starts and so I just run my finger up the fingerboard. Zippppppp….OUCH! (Dumb. Pain. Throbbing, F**K!)

Realizing that seriously I ignored the fact my finger was cut and started in the first place, I am really kicking myself inside…But wait? Its hardly worth stopping that long over.

“Give Me All Your Lovin'” by ZZ Top comes on. Love the work of Billy Gibbons and such. Here I go back for round 2. Ding! Deep Throbbing Monstrous Pain. Mamma Minerva! Tears….holy hell….

Is it passion or stupidity? Can’t be stupidity.

The facts are that:

1. There wasn’t a girl I was trying to impress.

2. Nor was any alcohol involved.

3. I was by myself, with just my thoughts.

I have been playing guitar, bass guitar, since 1989 and have never cut or sliced and/or bled across or into the strings, EVER! Odd if I do think of it. ???

Do I want something so bad that I would bleed for it? Yes.


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