Stare, lean, whisper, stare…repeat

This is something I sometimes say out loud to people. “Say something to my face so in my police report for pepper-spraying you is more justified.”
The funny thing is today it was this douche-nozzle who hasn’t been able to see his own dick since Ronald Regan was elected president. I mean really? I’m that much a spectacle and you are so fucking pretty you Have to make a foot note to your frosted-bouffant hairdo wife?
Did I look at him and say: “I’m a dude because after you paid me, my cock put yours to shame? Or is it that as a boy, I was sexier than you and as a woman, I’m out of your league?”
Can’t this Nascar fan from Clearwater, Florida be fortunate enough to get front row Daytona 500 seats and have a tire come loose and decapitate you and this insidious bride of yours?
Its rhetorical at best.

Unless you felt me up for scars, leave this woman Alone!!!


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