Castro in the Castro

So this week Mariela Castro, the daughter of current Cuban President Raul Castro, has been granted a visa for basically establishing a sort of relation in regards to LBGT in her own country. She has visited various places and organizations around San Francisco and caused a pleasant stir in LGBT circles. From the information available, LGBT is her area of concern to help within her own borders.


(There could be more human rights in the current communist countries of North Carolina, Arkansas, etc…)

Granted the country of Cuba has a marred record of relations with the United States but perhaps all things are effected by the passage of time. There is much dialogue on Capital Hill on the topics of LGBT both as progressives are trying to overhaul the system to be more inclusive AND the presidential election political rhetoric.

I haven’t stated who I will vote for (or if I will vote) in this November, but I can most certainly attest that I will not/would not vote for Mitt Romney cause lets face it he’s a turd-bag, quoted: US shouldn’t be offering an “open-hand to a regime engaged in the systematic and flagrant denial of basic human rights..” in a statement this week. Really? Seriously?

Romney himself is no champion of basic human rights given his record. “Pot calling the kettle black” would only ring true if he had short-range ICBM’s in his summer house’s back yard.

(I haven’t seen the satellite images to confirm this suspicion…)

I applaud that Cuba’s emissary is making more of an effort than Romney. Some people/countries/corporations grow up.

Others remain the bully they were back in high school.



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