From the top…and a 1,2,3

So what’s a girl to do when at 40 years old, she’s given up the dream of being a rock goddess by selling her guitar, and the passion to create music still burns in her veins??
I dream of the late Jacqueline du Pré and the sounds of composer Luigi Boccherini playing through her amazing hands. Libertango and Bolero also fill my dreams at night.

Well, I must elaborate a bit.
Electric guitar requires many things:
an amp,
a willing band*,
hauling around many pieces of heavy equipment,
certain types of equipment for certain sound, etc.
My most recent guitar, Isis, was the same model Ibanez RG350DX in white as her predecessor, Lucifer. But she was not the same, nor would she ever make the same sound out of these fingers. I never had the same amp either. I make sounds with my fingers and thus I am creating.

*(“A willing band” means a relationship with musicians required for basic transmission of your music. This is the equivalent of dating.)

So now we come to this cello idea, because I do not own one yet it is simply a concept and I don’t have the money yet.
I have always loved the cello. If I had bore children worthy to encourage pursuit of music…anyhow.
The violincello, or simply cello, is roughly the same scale length (3/4 size model) as a standard Strat-style guitar (vs. LP-style guitar). It has an amazing range and versitility. The cello makes a full sound without a wall of accompanying sound, due mostly  to the very organic, woody timbre of its voice. Cellos are suggested to have the musical range akin to “a male voice”. Perhaps this is true, or just a female voice with an amazingly diverse range? 🙂

I can actually see myself on a park bench, covered in tattoos & piercings, wearing a short skirt, and playing a cello. Its what I was meant for.
Does this mean I would not consider playing with other musicians? Maybe if they asked nicely, then I would respond with a smile and a resounding “yes.”



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