The girl with a dragon tattoo

As people suck, and will always suck, it gives me room to create. I can do a lot, artistically speaking, to my body because people that judge harshly for having ink are not my friends.

The cruelest cut of all is the remarks on gender, orientation and other factors these local peasants have passed judgement so harshly on me.
Appropriate that mio drago is named Leviathan. I did not even know that on the Chinese calendar it is the Water Dragon year.


(photo updated from finished piece July 2012)


Stare, lean, whisper, stare…repeat

This is something I sometimes say out loud to people. “Say something to my face so in my police report for pepper-spraying you is more justified.”
The funny thing is today it was this douche-nozzle who hasn’t been able to see his own dick since Ronald Regan was elected president. I mean really? I’m that much a spectacle and you are so fucking pretty you Have to make a foot note to your frosted-bouffant hairdo wife?
Did I look at him and say: “I’m a dude because after you paid me, my cock put yours to shame? Or is it that as a boy, I was sexier than you and as a woman, I’m out of your league?”
Can’t this Nascar fan from Clearwater, Florida be fortunate enough to get front row Daytona 500 seats and have a tire come loose and decapitate you and this insidious bride of yours?
Its rhetorical at best.

Unless you felt me up for scars, leave this woman Alone!!!


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Castro in the Castro

So this week Mariela Castro, the daughter of current Cuban President Raul Castro, has been granted a visa for basically establishing a sort of relation in regards to LBGT in her own country. She has visited various places and organizations around San Francisco and caused a pleasant stir in LGBT circles. From the information available, LGBT is her area of concern to help within her own borders.


(There could be more human rights in the current communist countries of North Carolina, Arkansas, etc…)

Granted the country of Cuba has a marred record of relations with the United States but perhaps all things are effected by the passage of time. There is much dialogue on Capital Hill on the topics of LGBT both as progressives are trying to overhaul the system to be more inclusive AND the presidential election political rhetoric.

I haven’t stated who I will vote for (or if I will vote) in this November, but I can most certainly attest that I will not/would not vote for Mitt Romney cause lets face it he’s a turd-bag, quoted: US shouldn’t be offering an “open-hand to a regime engaged in the systematic and flagrant denial of basic human rights..” in a statement this week. Really? Seriously?

Romney himself is no champion of basic human rights given his record. “Pot calling the kettle black” would only ring true if he had short-range ICBM’s in his summer house’s back yard.

(I haven’t seen the satellite images to confirm this suspicion…)

I applaud that Cuba’s emissary is making more of an effort than Romney. Some people/countries/corporations grow up.

Others remain the bully they were back in high school.


Evolution of the Amazon

There is a modern societal-biological anomaly that requires clarification, so I will attempt to do so in the space provided.
The Amazons
That all lady army/society of women lead by Athena many ages ago (I’m summarizing). No men but some really kick-ass fighters, and we ladies often still bear the mark of the Amazon…
(When the girl child was born, her right breast was cauterized to allow a better archery skills while riding a horse. Yay!)
If your breasts are both big, then I doubt you are truly Amazonian.
(Back to our girls…)
As there were no men, other than to use for reproduction, women did form social bonds and physically romantic relationships with other women. To be an Amazon did not mean you naturally wanted a man.
(Oddly enough, the image of Athena was gradually masculinized to promote more men to follow/worship into battle without hesitation.)
Fast forward to modern anomaly…
There is a cultural assumption that a transsexual woman must start out as a gay boy, like so: Boy>gay boy>drag queen> transsexual woman> via nice tidy edges from surgery> viola! WOMAN!
(It’s also suggested that transsexual men start automatically as lesbians.)

In America (and Italy) it seems mostly that “you are kinda queer so you must be a gay man!”

The semantics of word meanings around the world suggest that, although your culture has a word for transpeople it is the same one you use for gay men.
(In America, to say “trans” anything and assuming people go thinking of Jerry Springer screaming queens who are/were really men.)
The biological default always has and always will be female.

-So if you are a transsexual women and you are with a man, you have Somehow YOU ARE CLEVER AND found a loophole towards societies exceptance of hetero-normative in appearance relationships
….BUT if you are with a woman then you are simply a cross-dresser -Both wrong!
This includes the notion, to quote Star Wars: “It’s a trap!” to trick a man into something he’s not a conscious participant.
(I was going to use the phrase “to have your cock and eat it too” but the opportunity didn’t present itself.)

So, the modern Amazon, the transsexual woman, need not be labelled “drag queen” or such just for minds too slow to accept that the more culture has changed, some really great things preserved are ignored.
I’ve always liked girls, they have less hang ups also.
(Most Amazons prefer their sisterhood, truth be told.)

I proudly wear my mark of Athena/Amazon distinction, including my owl perched on my shoulder who is always watchful of bullshit coming my direction.


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From the top…and a 1,2,3

So what’s a girl to do when at 40 years old, she’s given up the dream of being a rock goddess by selling her guitar, and the passion to create music still burns in her veins??
I dream of the late Jacqueline du Pré and the sounds of composer Luigi Boccherini playing through her amazing hands. Libertango and Bolero also fill my dreams at night.

Well, I must elaborate a bit.
Electric guitar requires many things:
an amp,
a willing band*,
hauling around many pieces of heavy equipment,
certain types of equipment for certain sound, etc.
My most recent guitar, Isis, was the same model Ibanez RG350DX in white as her predecessor, Lucifer. But she was not the same, nor would she ever make the same sound out of these fingers. I never had the same amp either. I make sounds with my fingers and thus I am creating.

*(“A willing band” means a relationship with musicians required for basic transmission of your music. This is the equivalent of dating.)

So now we come to this cello idea, because I do not own one yet it is simply a concept and I don’t have the money yet.
I have always loved the cello. If I had bore children worthy to encourage pursuit of music…anyhow.
The violincello, or simply cello, is roughly the same scale length (3/4 size model) as a standard Strat-style guitar (vs. LP-style guitar). It has an amazing range and versitility. The cello makes a full sound without a wall of accompanying sound, due mostly  to the very organic, woody timbre of its voice. Cellos are suggested to have the musical range akin to “a male voice”. Perhaps this is true, or just a female voice with an amazingly diverse range? 🙂

I can actually see myself on a park bench, covered in tattoos & piercings, wearing a short skirt, and playing a cello. Its what I was meant for.
Does this mean I would not consider playing with other musicians? Maybe if they asked nicely, then I would respond with a smile and a resounding “yes.”


How do I rate a restaurant?


Qualcosa mangiare?


(My Yelp!)

How do I rate a restaurant? How did I rate YOUR restaurant? Let me define this in a few  simple words to follow.

  • Did I get full for the money spent?

For example: charging more money for something that tastes like cardboard like in the Castro.

  • Did I get treated with respect?

For example: getting pointed to the mens room when asking for the bathroom. Basic kindness is also something that in a service based industry is expected. I am an Amazonian woman (5’7″)  but to sir me in a short dress with my breasts bared is really bad form on their behalf.

  • How does it compare to “peer” restaurants?

A pizza-by-the-slice would be compared to a pizza-by-the-slice place and not a $30 a plate candlelit meal. People will say you cannot give the best pizza of your life 5 stars. I say we are comparing oranges to oranges, that I can give ratings to the best in their field/division!

  • Was it exciting to my palate?

I work very hard for my money. Mom & dad haven’t supported me in at least 2 decades. I prefer to spend it where I am happy, welcome, and satisfied. Is it better than something I could have made myself?

I have experience in the food service industry and so I tend to judge based on that knowledge base as well. Some basic forms to service and preparation are just that: basic.

I  usually will not write something in a review that isn’t something I wouldn’t say in person. There has been some bad service where there were no resolve. 90% of the time I have had communication with the manager/owner. My low review yelps really are to prevent a person similar to me making a similar mistake. (They don’t like blondes? They don’t like people with tattoos/piercings? The bartender who was not busy ignored an extended $20. Wasn’t my crowd.)

If you want to take the word of a Yelper, be sure to check some of their other reviews. If they only ever Yelp to complain or have a vocabulary of one syllable words…you are on your own.